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Re: Reforming the NM process

[Panu Kalliokoski]
> Now seriously, the reasons why a package in Debian is quite different
> from a Debian package outside of Debian should be well-known enough:
> ease of search and use for users and infrastructure for packaging
> (such as the BTS).

Those are minor things compared to the reputation of the Debian Project
for doing high-quality packaging.  Package quality, aided by a thorough
Policy document which all maintainers aim to comply with, is what makes
Debian something more than just a huge pile of free software in someone
distribution's contrib directory.

As such, I'm strongly opposed to anything related to letting people who
don't know what they're doing stick their own packages into the archive
without anyone checking them closely.

> > For the rest, you're dreaming, we're not going to give vote rights
> > instantly. It doesn't make any sense.
> Probably not, although I doubt there's anything horribly wrong with
> it.  But I would give vote rights instantly, so who is this "we"
> you're talking about?

Please do read the rest of this thread, Manoj gave a very good answer
to this one earlier.  The right to vote is the right to change the
future directions and core principles (e.g., the Debian Free Software
Guidelines) of the entire Project.  It comes in exchange for a certain
commitment to the Project that random contributors and other users have
not made - even valuable contributors like the authors of GNU libc.
The way to make that commitment is to become a Debian Developer.

Besides, there is no value in a wide-open voting system.  This is
called an "Internet poll" and the results generally reflect whatever
websites or blogs happen to publicise it.

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