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Re: Reforming the NM process

On 4/11/06, Benjamin Mesing <ben-ml@gmx.net> wrote:
> > Unless you are not planning to have long term "second class
> > developers"
> Make this: Unless you are planning to have long term "second class
> developers"

No, no, no. Give someone the rights to vote or upload something for
Debian isn't consider him "second class developer", he/she won't be a
developer (yet) ! It means that we will give enough privileges for
those that wants to do X or Y tasks, e.g.: don't blocking "Joe" that
just needs to prepare the packages of his two interesting tools, and
knows how to prepare packages. Something that is being requested for

I think we need a better expression to call these new contributors.
'developers', 'new maintainers', 'mantainers' and probably just
'contributors' are too bad for this now. It's a interesting subject,
but i'm going too away from the original topic.

-- stratus

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