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Re: Reforming the NM process


my comments as someone planning to enter NM during the next couple of
month follow. 
Overall I find your analysis enlightening. I agree with those points I
do not discuss here.

> 1.2.1 Add more people
[Marc argues that this is not a long solution]
I disagree here up to a certain point. I think having more people doing
the job does help the problem even in the long term. The work is
distributed on more shoulders, and people get less frustrated. Let me
put it this way: I can imagine working at a conveyer belt for 1 hour a
day, but I can't doing it a whole day.
However, this assumes that more people are willing to do the job.

> 2.1 Multiple advocates
> 2.2 Requiring (more) work before applying
I totally agree.

> 2.3 Separate upload permissions, system accounts and voting rights
Unless you are not planning to have long term "second class
developers" (i.e. developers with restricted rights), I don't think it
is a good idea. The additional overhead IMO is not worth the effort for
a few month. After all the goal of the proposal is that applicatants are
not stuck in NM for so long any more.

Best regards 


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