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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 12:35:54AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
>> On Thursday 06 April 2006 23:55, Erinn Clark wrote:
>>> Do you mean this question? (Actually about ld, but it's the closest one
>>> I found that seemed appropriately irrelevant.)
>>>     I3. What is the -Bsymbolic ld flag, exactly what does it do, and
>>> how that differs from library symbol versioning? What problems do
>>> -Bsymbolic linking solve? Why is libc6 not compiled with -Bsymbolic?
>> I would guess this is a question from the T&S part of the process, the 
>> part that is supposed to be tailored to the applicant. At least, I'm very 
>> happy to say, I have never seen this question during my NM process 
>> (which, as you probably know, was the translator/documentation writer 
>> track).
> I have seen the question, and answered it. If you were to ask it again
> to me, I wouldn't know the answer. I'd probably either do the same
> research again, or look in my NM archives -- I think the latter is
> probably fastest.
> I've never maintained a C library, though I did agree to help a little
> bit on some C++ library recently. I don't expect I'll go looking up what
> -Bsymbolic means even now.
> Is this question useless? I don't know. Apparantly, it didn't help me in
> any way. And this is the type of question that can get obsolete too.
> What is much more useful to test, but can't *that* easily be done with a
> fixed questionaire, is ensuring people can apply common sense, and can
> research things they need. From a DD, I expect that given a challenge, a
> technical packaging issue previously totally unkown, one can some way or
> the other resolve it. That is what you're doing as DD anyway, you get
> the weirdest issues in bugs, as user questions, etc, and you need to
> find a way to resolve that. Policy doesn't mention your special case, so
> you're on your own.
> I'd very much like for more emphasis being placed on such problem
> resolution capabilities, next to also interaction/communication
> capabilities (with bugreporters, fellow DDs, upstreams, etc etc).
> --Jeroen
I'm in the NM process. I'm done with part 1 of T&S and still have to do
part 2, which includes that question. I don't know the answer to it. To
find the answer, I'll have to do research. I'll probably read a lot
about libraries while finding the answer, since it's a topic I don't
know much about. I don't think the question is designed so much as to
test whether I know about library compile options as my ability to do
research and to process, understand and utilize the information I find.
I think that Debian and the NM process don't care about how well you
know compile time options from memory, but that you have the skill to
learn new skills and pieces of information as you need them. That's a
general skill, and can only be tested by more specific questions.

Just my $0.02,
Benjamin Seidenberg

PS: If anyone wants to share the answer, reply by private mail. ;-)

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