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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

On Thursday 06 April 2006 23:55, Erinn Clark wrote:
> Do you mean this question? (Actually about ld, but it's the closest one
> I found that seemed appropriately irrelevant.)
>     I3. What is the -Bsymbolic ld flag, exactly what does it do, and
> how that differs from library symbol versioning? What problems do
> -Bsymbolic linking solve? Why is libc6 not compiled with -Bsymbolic?

I would guess this is a question from the T&S part of the process, the 
part that is supposed to be tailored to the applicant. At least, I'm very 
happy to say, I have never seen this question during my NM process 
(which, as you probably know, was the translator/documentation writer 

So this only proves the point: translators _can_ become DD without having 
to know this kind of technical detail. Of course, they are also expected 
to stay far away from packaging libraries [1] after they have completed 
their NM process...


[1] A principle I've been violating to some extend with my recent series 
of patches for library udeb dependency handling. But well, exceptions 
make the rule :-)

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