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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk>
> On Thu, 06 Apr 2006 14:18:13 +0100 MJ Ray wrote:
> > [...] It seems better to name it after the
> > target of the process, what they become - a Developer.
> The Maintainer mentioned in a package control field is a Package
> Maintainer.
> I fail to see why details about maintaining _packages_ should make
> us avoid the same term for other maintainance tasks.

Of your last 20 recorded uses of the word "Maintainer" on
debian lists before this thread that I found, you use it once
in another meaning (webmaster) and that was uncapitalised.
I think I recall you using "maintainers and contributors" to
refer to all the maintainers of a package group before, too.
What are the contributors doing if not helping to maintain
the package, in your opinion?

In the debian context, I think Maintainer is commonly
understood as a package maintainer. We have a less confusing
word for a developer ("Developer"), so why not use it?

Hope that helps you see,
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