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Re: Uninstallation of GRUB with windows or use of xwindow system

* [od] eeman <eeeeman@gmail.com> [2006-03-23 16:19]:
> I installed debian recently and i believed it would be somewhat like
> slackware linux. Apparently I was wrong. At first I thought it would
> be nice to dual boot debian with windows (and it is) But this was
> because I had originally thought that the start and startx and xconf
> would work with debian thinking they were standard linux commands.

Which version did you install exactly?  During package selection, did
you choose the "desktop" task.  If so, a graphical environment (and
startx) would have been installed.  Please start "tasksel" and choose
"Desktop environment".  It will then install the packages you need.

(mail-followup-to set to debian-boot)
Martin Michlmayr

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