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Uninstallation of GRUB with windows or use of xwindow system

Dear Debian devs,
I installed debian recently and i believed it would be somewhat like slackware linux. Apparently I was wrong. At first I thought it would be nice to dual boot debian with windows (and it is) But this was because I had originally thought that the start and startx and xconf would work with debian thinking they were standard linux commands. Wrong again. If I cannot get xwindow to run, I would appreciate some help uninstalling GRUB so that I could single boot once again with windows and try a different linux build such as RedHat or Slax. I discovered that I could not just boot off of my windows drive because of a bootloader error when I disconnected the debian drive.

My pc specs
2 HDD's:
120 gig for windows
80 raptor drive for debian
1 dvd-rw/cd-rw drive
1 cd-rw drive
X800XL ati video card with 256 mb of vram

Unsure if that would help or not, The information may come in handy if you could please tell me how to uninstall GRUB and debian and go back to regular old windows.

Cheers, Ian Robinson

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