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Re: Question to all candidates about stable point releases

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Why ? When you look back at the history of debian-announce (check 1998 for
> example), we used to use that list much more than currently.

Yes I know. I'm a big fan of debian-announce in that period. Currently
though it's a moderated list with a quite limited set of postings and
the bother of needing to get through the moderation is offputting.

> There has been some policy change for this list since the introduction of
> debian-news@l.d.o and maybe we should use debian-news instead
> of debian-announce but there's no reason to not use any of those 2 lists.

I do think -news would be appropriate. I forget who is allowed to post
there however. IIRC when I was posting DWN there it didn't need to be
manually moderated by anyone.

see shy jo

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