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Re: Just ignore. [Was: Re: More polls and social pressure]

Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>
> Why do people actually believe that telling everyone to ignore flames is a
> workable strategy? [...]

I don't. debian is not (should not be) a monoculture and
there's the danger of ignoring badly-worded non-flame/troll
posts, which is silly and intolerant. It's absolutely obvious
that ignoring all conflicts will never resolve any conflicts.
In some cases, it will just further inflame the situation
by ignoring a legitimate complaint underlying the flame.

Many of the larger lists have a social aspect, so I think
we need "list guiders" on large debian lists, taking care of
social aspects, working with the listmasters for any technical
needs. Any really flammable lists may need to be guided by
listmasters until they calm down.

Delegating someone to articulate the list code of conduct
in public without confrontation and help any troubled users
seems a good way to douse flames and deter repeats. See:
but it's not entirely reliable if the listmasters are AWOL and
from usenet may become more relevant.

> Heck, for that matter, look at the case of the debian-women list [...]

Stupidly, the debian-women list FAQ on
http://women.alioth.debian.org/faqs/ cites the indiana.edu
paper above, but ignores its conclusion recommending a clear
pro-active process to educate users and address problems.
Instead, it advocates the ignorance approach to conflict. I'm
not at all surprised that debian-women has banned already.

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