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Re: More polls and social pressure

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 11:05:48AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Feb 2006, Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta wrote:
> > And keeping those not
> > bored with them making pseudo decisions (or DD's opinion) for the rest.
> The second part of the proposal (social pressure) should not hinder the
> interest of "usual polls".
> I'm pretty sure the discussion will only be about the second part and how
> bad they can be. That's right, the proposal is far from perfect and I'm in
> no way convinced that it's a good solution that will work.
> It's just an idea that I wanted to share because I believe that we need to do
> something to reduce the level of flames on our lists. I'm always open to
> better ideas.

I just wanted to express that such a system, no matter how it is
implemented, if it ends in listmasters banning people, is not a good
Flames should be ignored. Every one, once in a while, has been a troll
or a flamer. They should be ignored in that moment, but not banned,
kicked, expelled or $whatever.

> > Please, don't take our attention and time to make a
> > auto-list-censorship-system.
> Please kill the thread if it doesn't interest you. 

It's my interest not to have such a system.

> > 
> > Bah, you don't like someone else's post, you go and mail him about it.
> I already do that.

Then what will a poll solve? Kicking people from lists? Flamebaits only
react to being ignored, it you kick them, they will return with more
shit. Making a poll to mark who is a flamebait (or an asshole) will not
make them disappear. And we all know who they are. Or at least we have
our own opinions (which may not be shared) of who they are.

> > As if we don't have enough flamewars, now they will be accompanied with
> > polls. And each side will have his poll. Great...
> One poll per issue seems enough. Why should we have a poll for "each side"?

Because each side will like their poll, their way. And there will be a
flamewar about *the poll*. This is Debian.



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