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Re: More polls and social pressure

On Wed, Feb 22, 2006 at 09:43:23AM +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> [ Reply-to debian-project ]
> Hi everybody,
> given the size of the project, it's very difficult for any of us to
> evaluate the popularity of random ideas/opinions in a short time frame.
> Jeroen (jvw) recently conducted two informal polls (vi-tiny vs elvis, and
> maintainer field for ubuntu) and I liked those.

Technical polls.

> Those polls are not fully crafted GR so they are not as binding as a GR
> could be but they should give up a pretty good overview of the current
> opinion inside the project (if each poll has been well prepared by its
> proponent).

So you propose bombing DDs with polls every week. And keeping those not
bored with them making pseudo decisions (or DD's opinion) for the rest.

> That's so far the "normal usage" of the polls. But I may have found a new
> interesting application:


> In the light of recent events, those polls could be used to give a physical
> reality to the social peer pressure that should exist on our mailing lists
> (and maybe avoid going straight to extreme solutions):
> ---
> [] XXX behaviour in thread YY is inacceptable

As in [1] RH behavior in thread FTWCAU is unacceptable

> [] XXX posts way too much and he repeats his argument over & over

As in [1] DDs in general, and those wanting to regulate DDs opinions and
posts to mailing lists REPEAT THEIR ARGUMENT OVER & OVER

> The result of the polls could eventually be used by the listmasters to
> take action if needed. 

Oooh, great idea....

Please, don't take our attention and time to make a

> This is a civilized way to define what *must change* and what is ok. If
> you believe someone is misconducting on the lists, or is hurting the
> project by his behavior, just submit a poll and in the light of the
> results, both sides will know what the project thinks (if enough people
> take the time to vote of course).

Bah, you don't like someone else's post, you go and mail him about it.
As if we don't have enough flamewars, now they will be accompanied with
polls. And each side will have his poll. Great...

> So coments are welcome.

I prefer vi.
I don't care what ubuntu does with the maintainer field.
I don't want a weekly vote on the weekly flame war.


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