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Re: mailbox clogging, need daily "digests" of the list

Floris Bruynooghe:

> Very nice, but can I give mutt a rule
> that will look in all mailboxes too?

I have the following in my ~/.procmailrc:

  * ^Delivered-To: mailing list \/[a-z0-9_+-]+
  * ^List-Id: .*<\/[a-z0-9_+-]+
  * ^List-Id: \/[a-z0-9_+-]+

(which, I guess, I should be able to collapse into one,
alternative rule…) and the following in my ~/.muttng/muttngrc:

  mailboxes `echo /home/shot/Mail/lists/*`
  lists `cd /home/shot/Mail/lists/; echo *`

If you want to have these evaluated more than once on mutt’s
start, I believe you can hook it to a folder- or message-hook.

-- Shot

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