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mailbox clogging, need daily "digests" of the list

I've been subscribed to 12 debian mailing-lists. As you could imagine, my mailbox is simply over-flowing now, with the number of mails & the frequency. To avoid the struggle, I would like to subscribe to a "daily digest" of mails on the lists.

How come only a few lists (like -devel, & -users) are offering digest-mode (on the web interface) ? The others (like -project, -release, -amd64, etc) offer plain subscribe/unsubscribe - I see no way of getting digests. AFAIK, the recent versions of mailman (the mailing list manager) offers digests as an option when subscribing from the web itself. What I want to know is how to modify my existing subscription for all these lists, to receive daily digests instead of individual mails.

I dont want to unsubscribe, so please dont point me in that direction.

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