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Re: For those who care about debian-devel-announce

Erinn Clark <erinn@double-helix.org>
> It's not possible for those of us not on -private to figure out what's
> going on, really, but is it possible that it wasn't made public in an
> effort to protect Andrew's privacy?

It's possible. If so, I would have expected a short notice to
-private rather than cc'ing a personal message to Andrew.

> Were I a listmaster, that would've
> been one of my considerations, regardless of what he'd done to justify
> the ban. I think it's potentially important that the rest of us know
> some disciplinary action has been taken, but I can't say that it's
> relevant to, say, his future employers.

Is there anyone who wouldn't hire Andrew because he was
*punished* for a post, rather than because of the post?
The "lesbians" post was public and GPG-signed, after all.

I think some developers are still looking to get even with
Andrew Suffield since last summer (for what's described in
after DD Roger Leigh linked it to this months's events) or
maybe even before that. Religious intolerance reflects more
badly on debian than the minority. Help stop it, please.

> (M-F-T: set to -project, *please* reply there.)

(Done manually. M-F-T is a broken non-standard.)

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