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Idea's for documentation (that I supply!)


long time debian lover, first time emailer!

I had a thought on how to share debian with anyone
wanting to check it out.

I have installed debian on my laptop via VMWare
Workstation and have captured the install to a 8meg
10minute avi file.

If people wanted to see the install, they could simply
watch the video and see how easy it is to install.

I can also make availible the actual VMWare Guest, and
using the free (as in beer) VMPlayer from VMware.com,
anyone can run the actual guest OS on any PC.

I can post these files on my own website for you
developers to grab, but would need an actual hosting
company if you wanted to share these on debian.org.

Is there an interest in this?  If so let me know and I
can share the url and make post install video's as

Mike Leo
(aka m1ke_l or happybunny)

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