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Re: Debian derivatives and the Maintainer: field (again)

* Kevin B. McCarty (kmccarty@Princeton.EDU) wrote:
> I think this explains my preference for the package maintainer listed in
> Debian-derivative distributions to be changed even for otherwise
> unmodified source packages.  To avoid forking source packages, maybe
> Ubuntu could cause the maintainer field to be changed in the binary
> packages by small modifications to the build tools, as suggested
> elsewhere in this thread.

To try to be a little clearer- this was my intent also.  The source
tarball can remain untouched, just change the Maintainer field in the
binary deb.  Ubuntu redistributing unmodified source tarballs (which
obviously have the Maintainer field unchanged) isn't a problem, imv.
It'd be nice if it's made clear that it's an unmodified Debian source
tarball/diff/etc but not a big deal, really.



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