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Re: mailbox clogging, need daily "digests" of the list

Madana Prathap wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 03:12:42 +0530, Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> wrote:
> >On Tuesday 17 January 2006 13:33, Madana Prathap wrote:
> >>I've been subscribed to 12 debian mailing-lists. As you could imagine,  
> >>my mailbox is simply over-flowing now, with the number of mails & the
> >>frequency. To avoid the struggle, I would like to subscribe to a "daily
> >>digest" of mails on the lists.
> >
> >I imagine having to only worry about checking after the digests have  
> >been sent reduces the odds of an embarassingly small mailbox from
> >clogging.
> >
> >
> As my "from:" indicates, Gmail doesn't exactly suffer from a lack of space  
> as such. What I did mean by clogging, is visual - a few hundred list mails  
> a day, are enough to make your inbox look messy.

As far as I know, Gmail has automatic filtering/tagging capabilities,
which will probably help you.



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