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Re: mailbox clogging, need daily "digests" of the list

On Tuesday 17 January 2006 13:33, Madana Prathap wrote:
> I've been subscribed to 12 debian mailing-lists. As you could imagine, my
> mailbox is simply over-flowing now, with the number of mails & the
> frequency. To avoid the struggle, I would like to subscribe to a "daily
> digest" of mails on the lists.

I imagine having to only worry about checking after the digests have been sent 
reduces the odds of an embarassingly small mailbox from clogging.  
Fortunately, even the procmail examples that ship in the documentation show 
how to split a digest back into it's component messages for use on local mail 

> How come only a few lists (like -devel, & -users) are offering digest-mode
> (on the web interface) ? The others (like -project, -release, -amd64, etc)
> offer plain subscribe/unsubscribe - I see no way of getting digests.

Only the higher traffic lists.

> AFAIK, the recent versions of mailman (the mailing list manager) offers
> digests as an option when subscribing from the web itself. What I want to
> know is how to modify my existing subscription for all these lists, to
> receive daily digests instead of individual mails.

Send a message to whatever-request@lists.debian.org with the subject help 
should tell you if it's possible.

Paul Johnson
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