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Re: mailbox clogging, need daily "digests" of the list

On Tuesday 17 January 2006 22:33, Madana Prathap wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been subscribed to 12 debian mailing-lists. As you could imagine, my
> mailbox is simply over-flowing now, with the number of mails & the
> frequency. To avoid the struggle, I would like to subscribe to a "daily
> digest" of mails on the lists.

You honestly get all lists delivered into one inbox?

Set up mail filters NOW!  Let your mailserver or MUA do the work and sort 
each list in a separate folder - then the 100-odd -devel and -user mails 
are the biggest chunks, but together with threaded mail display and the 
'ignore thread' feature which IMHO any decent mail client shuld offer (at 
least when used to read mailing lists), this is absolutely manageable.

No idea if gmail is feature-complete enough for that.  And obviously I don't 
claim this to be the only way to read lists, it's just how I do it, with 
400+ emails per day on some 20-odd mailing lists - and I'm still able to 
find personal email in my regular inbox.  Using things like automatic 
scoring and other more newsreader-like features might be another 

-- vbi

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