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Re: Your posting: Debian on one dvd?

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 23.12, Daniel Tasch wrote:

> I would love to be able to use Debian, [...] packaging
> system [...] extreem network-centerednes


You certainly can get hold of DVD images for Debian sarge - for instance: at 
cheapbytes, $12.99.

Especially right now, with the stable distribution being less than a year 
old, sarge is perfectly fine.  As for updates: 99% of the security updates 
won't affect you - and for the few bigger ones (xserver) you said 
sneakernet is totally feasible - apt-zip and other tools have been 
mentioned.  So, Debian is only network centric if you want to run testing 
or unstable - sarge OTOH doesn't need much new software and can be run 
entirely from the DVDs.

-- vbi

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