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New Maintainers

This is a summary of the AM report for Week Ending 18 Dec 2005.
2 applicants became maintainers.

Matt Brubeck <mbrubeck>
  I recently graduated from Harvey Mudd College (in California) with a
  major was Computer Science and Mathematics.  I now work as a programmer
  in a small web development company in Seattle, Washington.  I use Debian
  GNU/Linux on my desktop computers at home (for myself and my family),
  and I administer a Debian server for internal use in my office.
  While working on an audio-related school project, I began using the
  Audacity sound editor.  Later I found out that it was written by Dominic
  Mazzoni, whom I knew from school.  I started working with Dominic and
  the other upstream authors, and I am now one of the core developers of
  Audacity.  I also contribute occasional bug fixes and improvements to
  the other free software that I use most, including Linux, Gnucash, the
  GNOME desktop, and various Debian packages.
  Most of Audacity's users are not computer experts.  We make great effort
  to ensure that the program works for people who are new to computers or
  digital audio.  I want to help make free software accessible to these
  users too, by working on the documentation, usablity, and integration of
  the Debian desktop.  I think that this is an important part of meeting
  the Debian Social Contract's promise to "our users and free software."
  I currently contribute in small ways to Debian GNOME packaging, via the
  BTS and the debian-gtk-gnome list.  Later this summer I will be moving
  to a part-time position at work, and I plan to devote more time to
  Audacity, Debian, and GNOME.  I will continue to work on improvements
  to the out-of-box experience for novice or casual users.  I'll also
  work with the debian-desktop and debian-multimedia groups on overall
  integration of the operating system.

Moritz Mühlenhoff <jmm>
  I'm a Westphalian 25 y/o student of computing science, living in
  Bremen, Germany and currently writing my diploma thesis about static
  source code vulnerability analysis on intermediate representations of
  I've been using free software in general since about ten years and
  Debian in particular since Hamm. The technical correctness and strict
  focus on free software caught my attention at that time and is keeping
  up until today.

  I've been deeply involved in the testing security team since half a
  year and plan to continue to do so. 

  I'm currently maintaining a few games (prboom, freedoom, lincity-ng)
  and co-maintaining surfraw. I'll package high quality games as they
  come across, as that's an area where free software still has many
  As a future goal I would like to get involved in QA work to help
  keeping Debian's archive size scalable.

Fachbegriffe der Informatik - Einfach erklärt
7: DOS
       Denial Of Service (Kristian Köhntopp)

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