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Re: Your posting: Debian on one dvd?

On Tue, 20 Dec 2005, Daniel Tasch wrote:
> This is not just a problem in contries like India. I am in the US
> and am still on dialup, and can only get 26k at that. I have to
> update my redhat by mirroring the updates at work where I have a
> good connection, burning a CD, and brining it home via "sneakernet".
> I would love to be able to use Debian, but dealing with a new
> packaging system along with it's extreem network-centeredness is
> making that impossible. What Debian really needs is to give some
> consideration to people who have to do this manually.

You can get packages to your machine using apt-zip on Debian as
well;[1] you just have to have bandwidth available somewhere. [Which
is a slightly different problem than the one facing users in places
where the nearest network connection of any type is outside of the
range of sneakernet.]

Don Armstrong

1: Indeed, I'd suspect that this is far more easily done on Debian
than in most other distributions.
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