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Re: Ubuntu/Debian cooperation

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Reinhard Tartler <siretart@gmail.com> writes:

> It is true that some MOTUs don't consider submitting to debian bts
> as priority because of bad experiences they had because of
> unresponsive and unhelpful Debian Maintainers.

That doesn't solve any problems.  If you have a problem with a
maintainer, please report it.  Debian doesn't want unresponsive or
unhelpful maintainers either, but if we are not made aware of a
problem, it can't be dealt with.

> Besides, most of the patches I've done so far are rather patches
> applied from debian bts, or fixes caused of transitions we do before
> debian.

If Ubuntu has done a transition, it's likely Debian will have to do
the same transition sometime soon as well.  You wouldn't want to
accidentally make incompatible changes, so making the Debian
maintainer aware of what you changed is important.

Also, due to the number of incorrect patches I've seen, some
additional peer review of your changes by the people who really
understand the package wouldn't go amiss.

>  For other fixes (like improvements to .desktop files and such) we
> are actually encouraged to submit do debian bts, because that way we
> can simply sync the package from debian again and have less work
> when merging the package on the next debian upload.

Good.  I would like it to be more "required" than "encouraged",

> An other big load of patches are because we take new upstream versions
> of the package. Do you really want that we submit a patch updating to
> new upstream version? please not.

I would.  If you make a change which could be incompatible with future
Debian versions, you will cause yourselves ongoing problems in the
future.  Making the Debian maintainer aware of the changes is
important, because it might affect their planning and changes.
Collaboration goes two ways, and ongoing coordination is required or
ubuntu could well end up with serious problems.

>> FUD :) It may be outdated info, which would be very very welcome
>> indeed, but in no case FUD.
> You did imply that MOTU were adviced to NOT collaborate with debian. I
> consider this as a implicit insult to the MOTU Team. We DO want to
> cooperate, but have to face with accusations like this one or with
> unresponsive or unhelpful maintainers, which can be really
> frustrating.

Please, you are reading a lot into a comment which has in fact been
publicly stated several times.  No one has insulted the team in this
thread, so please tone it down.


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