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Re: snapshot.d.n (was: Complaint about #debian operator)

[Andreas Schuldei pisze na temat "Re: snapshot.d.n (was: Complaint about 
#debian operator)"]:

> actually, NetApp (the storage company) and Intel (the chip
> manufacture) are solving this problem for us. we get a 7 or
> 10Tbyte storage from NetApp and two beefy servers to use as a
> front end for both CD/DVD generation and serving of CDs/DVDs as
> well as the debian meetings archive and other free software.
> Snapshot.d.o would end up on this storage server (cluster?), too.
> it will be located in Umeå, Sweden, where we will try to saturate
> the 2Gbits uplink with it. That site is run by the academic
> computer club of the local university, with Michael Wadenstein as
> the local admin.
> Thanks again to the sponsors.

And really BIG thanks.

We've bought one of the smaller NetAPP appliances (FAS270, FWIW) recently. 
Knowing the prices I can only say that this is VERY, VERY generous offer.

Kind regards,

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