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Re: Debian on one dvd?

On Tue, Dec 13, 2005 at 12:49:19PM -0500, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> One of the problems Linux users in countries like India have is low 
> bandwidth.  They prefer to get their distributions on CD or DVD as far as 
> possible.  Debian is very badly affected by this as we usually stress 
> updating over the net.

> At foss.in I spoke with the editor of Linux For You 
> (http://www.linuxforu.com/)
> which is a magazine devoted to Linux topics with national distribution. 
> As well as the articles, they distribute a DVD with each issue.  I asked 
> the editor if they would be willing to distribute a Debian DVD.  He said 
> he had several requests for this before but sarges' 2 DVD size was too big 
> and he was loathe to make any changes himself.  But if I could provide him 
> with a version which fit on one DVD, he would gladly include it in the 
> February 2006 edition.

> So has anyone done anything like this before?  Or would anyone be willing 
> to help get this done?  We have until the end of the year in order to meet 
> the deadline for February.

Why not just use the stock DVD 1 image?  As always, packages are sorted on
the disk images according to criteria like package priority and popcon
numbers, so probably ought to be 99% or more of the packages that 99% of the
users will need.

Unless there are specific packages missing from disk 1 that you know are
needed for this market, the stock ISO seems like it would be fine.

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