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Re: DCCA name change and remaining issues

Nathanael Nerode <neroden@twcny.rr.com>

> It's the shortage of "based on" that's the problem.  
> "Assemble a 100 percent Debian core..."
> No, Debian does that.  What do they mean?

If they take a subset of debian as their core, it would be 100
percent debian.

> | The DCC is not a Linux distribution; it is a "base" Debian system composed
> As they describe in the rest of the sentence, the DCC is not a "base" Debian
> system, it's Debian packages plus member additions. [...]

So you're complaining that the sentence is accurate???

> | the DCC Alliance will serve as a single point of contact for software and
> | hardware vendors who want to ensure that their products will work with
> | Debian.  
> No, Debian is that single point of contact.  Do they mean "will work with
> Debian-based distributions"?

It has been an occasional complaint that debian has no single
point of contact for vendors. There are developers, delegates,
the project leader and others, but I don't know that any of
them are recommended as the main contact for vendors. As a
result, sometimes different parts say very different things
and they seem equally authoritative...

Looking over the website, I see the partners program, the cd
vendors list, the consultants list and the pre-installed list.
Nothing for software and hardware vendors in general?

If DCCA wants to offer a new service that makes debian easier to
sell, let's encourage them to do it. Preferably working with us,
but I could understand them wanting to keep a distance after
the kicking they've had on this list (including from people in
other businesses that use the debian name confusingly). With any
luck, they'll take the kicking as a learning experience about how
to gather opinions from debian!

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