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Re: DCCA name change and remaining issues

Don Armstrong wrote:

> Just to clarify what the current status of my delegation to resolve
> the trademark issues surrounding the DCCA:
> The DCCA/DCC has changed their name to be a recursive acronym, thereby
> removing any mention of Debian's mark in their name, and resolving the
> primary trademark issue that I was delegated to deal with, and thus
> ending the term of my delegation.
> There are still a few remaining issues needing to be resolved in
> regards to the DCCA, which I am working on hashing out:
> 1) Use of debian logo on the website/in the DCCA logo
> 2) Announcement to clarify the relationship between the DCCA and
> Debian.

In addition, their FAQ still contains an enormous amount of misuse of the
Debian name, as noted in a message I sent on a different thread (and cc:ed
to them).  I think this can all be fixed if they just rewrite it.

ksig --random|

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