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Debian Pure Project

Dear Debian Developers:

My name is Robert Tolu and I currently lead a project
known as Debian Pure (www.debianpure.com).  I am
writing because it has come to my attention that the
Debian name is a trademark and I may be infringing on
this trademark.  Let me tell you about Debian Pure. 
Basically, it?s the official Sarge installer slightly
modified to install sets of packages and preseeds to
get a Debian desktop running.  The packages that are
included all come from the official Sarge repositories
with the exceptions of the common plugins (Java,
Flash, w32codecs, libdvdcss2, mplayer).

I want to apologize in advance if I have indeed
infringed on the Debian trademark and will change the
name of Debian Pure immediately if you so desire.  My
intention was to make setting up a Debian desktop easy
for the masses.  Debian Pure is just as easy as
installing Ubuntu and it installs a Debian Gnome or
Kde desktop in less than 15 minutes.  All of this is
contained on one disc.  I ask that you give it a quick
look and hack.

I wish to take this opportunity to say how much I
respect the Debian distribution and I would like to
find a solution to this potential problem.  I see a
few possibilities.  First, the most obvious is that I
change the name of Debian Pure.  Second, Debian Pure
does install a Debian proper system.  I?ve noticed
other modified installers that are considered Debian. 
Perhaps if I remove the plugins and post a script
online that would install those separately would be
sufficient?  And third, the Debian project grants
Debian Pure permission to use the name.

I hope that we find a resolution to this issue.  I
believe Debian Pure and Debian benefit from each
other.  I thank you for your time and understanding.


Robert Tolu

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