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DCCA name change and remaining issues

Just to clarify what the current status of my delegation to resolve
the trademark issues surrounding the DCCA:

The DCCA/DCC has changed their name to be a recursive acronym, thereby
removing any mention of Debian's mark in their name, and resolving the
primary trademark issue that I was delegated to deal with, and thus
ending the term of my delegation.

There are still a few remaining issues needing to be resolved in
regards to the DCCA, which I am working on hashing out:

1) Use of debian logo on the website/in the DCCA logo

2) Announcement to clarify the relationship between the DCCA and

#1 basically involves changing
http://www.dccalliance.org/images/dccalliance.gif to no longer include
the Debian logo.

#2 is slightly more difficult; I had requested in the context of the
negotiation that the DCCA make an press release clarifying what their
name stood for (IE, the removal of Debian from the mark) and the
relationship between the DCCA and Debian (IE, that they are two
separate entities and the DCCA cannot speak for the project and vice
versa, if necessary.)

Unfortunatly, they have been unwilling to make such an announcement
for marketing related reasons; that leaves it up to us if we so desire
to exercise our powers under 4.1.5 to make such a statement. I'm of
the opinion that such an announcement would be desirable (otherwise I
wouldn't have suggested it in the first place) but I'd like to see
someone else who feels similarly draft such an announcement before I
try to start the process on my own.

Finally, I'm glad that Ian and I were able to communicate and come to
a solution that resolved the major problem at issue here without
resorting to legal wrangling; Greg Pomerantz also was invaluable in
making sure that I had not crossed into the trademark loonie bin.

Don Armstrong

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