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Internet, Translators and the Babel tower


I recommend  to you an explanatory and comparative experiment of translation in which can be appreciated "on line" the cumulative complexity in the use of "translators in Internet". 

To see http://www.3dnauta.com 

"The Roman walls of Lugo" Past, present and future of a tecnólogica strength.

In French, Spanish, English and German. Simultaneous translator experiment.

It is a very fast URL, without baners nor publicity and with amplest graphical information on Art, Science, History, etc. 

To See also: "The Invincible Armada, a very sad history", STORY BOARD 3D, in English, Spanish and French. For a short movie with previous historic documentation.

If you like this, inoffensive, diverse, broad and with sportsmanship URL... Would do you to me a mention or link?

I would like to collaborate. Sorry by English
Warm greetings 
Ulises Sarry 

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