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Re: Developing on Debian

On Friday 14 October 2005 18.47, Baruch Even wrote:
> Jason Mock wrote:

> > 1.  Security features, current and planned?
> I assume you mean security updates and features related to security such
> as firewalls, SELinux and such.

[... free security updates ... for current stable version and old stable for 
some time ... ]

As with the general commercial support question, depending on your budget, 
commercial consultants (for example those listed on the already mentioned 
web page, <http://debian.org/consultants>) will be willing to provide 
security features and security updates tailored to your needs and going 
beyond what Debian itself offers.

> > 2.  Why is distribution better than others available?

Some of the most important points, to me:
 * in most respects, bigger than most other Linux distributions.  Now, size 
alone is not everything - but having much more than 1000 active 
contributors (ca. 1000 officially registered developers, many more who help 
out but don't have 'official developer' status) also means that you'll get 
relatively quick answers to most questions.
 * non-commercial - this means, Debian itself doesn't need to make money.  
This in turn means that the many people offering commercial support don't 
need to spend their money on licensing a Logo or other formalties.  Also, 
most people will honestly admit where Debian has its weaknesses and be 
ready to discuss solutions with you - there's no boss or marketing dept 
looking over the shoulders of the Debian developers who might want to hide 
'bad' information about Debian.  Being non-commercial also means that we'll 
never, ever start charging money for upgrades.
 * On the technical side:  Many Debian developers and users feel that the 
Software packaging system used in Debian (and Debian-derived systems like 
Ubuntu, MEPIS, Knoppix etc.) is superiour to the 'RPM' system used in other 
distributions.  Also, Debian has a quite strict policy (you'll find it on 
our web page - but it's extremely technical) of how a program must be 
packaged for inclusion in Debian.
 * There is a 'Debian Social Contract' 
<http://www.debian.org/social_contract> which describes the foundation of 
our work.  This is a kind of 'mission statement' - but with Debian being a 
volounteer organisation, all of our developers agree with it. (I.e. it's 
not a mission statement that is developed by some CEO and merely tolerated 
by the employees.)

But I concur with Baruch: Talk with your development team, find out what you 
need from your operating system base platform.  

Have fun
Adrian von Bidder

Für manche Leute ist ein Gehirnschlag ein Schlag ins Leere.

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