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Re: Developing on Debian

Jason Mock wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a few more questions that were pushed my direction from our Board
> of Directors.  Before the questions though I would like to thank you for
> the fast response to my inquiry!  It will make you proud to know that
> you were the first response to the questions that I had out of Red Hat,
> Suse, Xandros, Slackware, and Mandriva.  Here are the 2 additional
> questions that I need some assistance with:
> 1.  Security features, current and planned?

I assume you mean security updates and features related to security such
as firewalls, SELinux and such.

The Debian project provides security updates to the stable version
(currently sarge) and for a short while to oldstable (the version that
predates that, currently woody). The security service is provided via
the security.debian.org servers and you simply use apt-get to upgrade
the needed packages. Some peoples simply script their machines to do
that nightly in an unattended fashion.

The service is provided free-of-charge and the time between releases is
long so you are assured that your current platform will be stable for
quite some time, and as discussed before, upgrading to a newer version
is usually done with little trouble when the time comes and doesn't
require a full reinstall. This is by design.

> 2.  Why is distribution better than others available?

That would be something that you need to evaluate for your own needs
based on your requirements and how the various distributions fulfill them.

IMO, Your best bet is to search for the data points that would affect
each point of your needs from the Linux system.


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