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Re: lists.debian.org Message-ID lookup


> I got tired of trying to find mails from Message-IDs, which has become
> the conventional way to reference them, so I threw this together:
> http://lists.debian.org/~asuffield/msgid.php/20051008021705.GA19232@wolffelaar.nl
> Does what it looks like. Stick the Message-ID on the end, it redirects
> to the relevant entry in the list archives. The index is updated
> roughly every five minutes and covers the entire public archive on
> lists.debian.org. Lists which don't have public archives aren't
> indexed.

This is cool.

Would be nice to have it at top page of lists.debian.org.

I would be a bit worried by the load on the list server for 
indexing the msgids;
I hope it's okay.


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