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Re: Re: Debian 3.0 Bin. CDs, tried in vain to buy it on-line.

Dear Mr. Konzack, dear Sirs,

First: I thank Mr. Konzack for his offer. But I don't understand German (Deutsch) while it seems that the http://www.linuxland.de/ has only German interface. Besides I hadn't found there a Debian Woody.

Now goes the replay on my last attempt to buy CDs with Debian Woody, which was received from Linux CD Mall (probably New Zealand):

"Hi Cyril,

Unfortunately I am not going to be able to fulfil this order and will refund your credit card in full."

So, is anybody on the net who is able to fulfil my order and send me CDs with Debian i386?

Cyril, still trying to get Debian.

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