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Debian - Configuring a Successful Web Server

To whom this may concern

As a PHP developer I am going to use Debian as a web server to host my
work. I want something fast, secure and stable. But I will also
require the system to run MySQL v4.x and definitely PHP v5.0.x and a
http server such as apache 2.

I have noticed when browsing the package lists that PHP 5 in not
currently support but on the official Debian site but I have seen
binaries on http://dotdeb.org/ are these likely to be stable?

Basically I would like a web server to host object orientated PHP
scripts (currently version five) accessing a MySQL server (latest
stable release). Can anyone advise on a distribution and

Thank you so much for your time I know there are many answers to this
question, but I already like the sound of Debian. So if my
requirements can be met successfully I would like to stick with Debra
and Ian.

Kindest Regards



If anyone has tried this before I would greatly appreciate some
information regarding your experiences and techniques. Thanks again!

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