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Philip Hands's continued messenger-shoot, was: [OT] MJ Ray's continued burbling (was Re: Debian UK ....)

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> wrote:
> Why do you think that mail was a joke? [...]

The poor attempt at telepathy, claiming someone said "BTW" and ":-)"
then rounding off by confirming that a constitution is required if
you ask for a bank account type that requires a constitution
(and exclude other bank account types by the question's wording).

> Perhaps you don't get to experience many people smiling while they're in
> conversation with you, [...]

Perhaps you only do character assassination when trying to ignore
a sensitive issue.

> The fact that you feel the need to dismiss any criticism as a joke is
> rather revealing.

Again, a claim of empathic ability fails dismally.

Are you upset that you contradicted your own assertion that DUS
doesn't hold personal details?

MJ Ray (slef)

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