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Re: Debian UK

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> wrote:
> The charta of the association may need to be approved by Debian
> (DPL should be sufficient) due to the "Debian" trademark.  However,
> since it is used descriptively, this may not be required.

Exactly. It's a similar situation, in trademark terms, to the
DCC Alliance. Same public standard should be applied to both.

> > that they should not be allowed to spend money donated to the Debian
> > Project without approval of the DPL/Debian.
> I guess that legally this is not possible.  In several countries it
> is not possible for charities / non-profit associations to do earmarking
> of donations which SPI is doing. [...]

In England, it's not only possible, but charities are advised
to do something similar, called restricted donations in
the Charity Commission Statement of Recommended Practice.

DUS is hoping not to register as a charity and its constitution
doesn't require it to be non-profit, last I knew. (Hey, I once
ran a business that made a loss: could I have renamed it debian?)

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