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Re: SATA hard disks

On Thu, Aug 18, 2005 at 03:53:25PM -0500, Juan Carlos Munoz wrote:
> I bought a Dell Dimension 8400 with a SATA 80 Gb drive. I
> wish to know if the latest version of Debian (sarge) has
> support for SATA disks.

Sarge does support SATA disks, I am not familiar with the Dell
Dimension 8400 specifically (i.e. which SATA chipset that box has and
whether the kernel supports it) but don't expect too much trouble.

Please also note that questions about this are better sent to
debian-user@lists.debian.org.  You'll likely get a far better answer
on your question.  So use that list next time (or for followup
questions etc).


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