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Re: SATA hard disks

Juan Carlos Munoz <jcarlmz@yahoo.com> writes:

> I bought a Dell Dimension 8400 with a SATA 80 Gb drive. I
> wish to know if the latest version of Debian (sarge) has
> support for SATA disks.
> Thanks.
> Juan Carlos Muñoz

This is the wrong list for this question and the wrong question.

SATA disks are supported by the SATA controler. The question is: Is
your SATA controler supported by Debian (sarge)? And the answere is:

Most controlers are supported but not all. Download the netboot /
mini.iso (4MB), businesscard (~60MB) or netinst (~120MB) iso and
try. If it works it works. If not then ask on debian-user or
debian-boot about it providing the lspci output for reference.


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