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Re: What happened to archive.debian.org?

Steve Langasek wrote:
> The packages that remained in non-US/non-free until its demise are not
> packages that Debian has ever done export notification for, so I don't think
> it would be a good idea for the project to republish them from an archive in
> the US.
> The packages in non-US/main have *mostly* been integrated into main, so
> AFAICT it would be appropriate to include those packages on
> archive.debian.org, but if you're keen to do this it may simply be better
> (or at least safer) to get BXA notifications sent for all the packages.

That doesn't answer the problem of things that were kept out of main by
patents, rather than crypto.

I suppose we could start by assembling a non-US archive outside the states,
then look at it once assembled to see if it could be moved with a bulk
notification --  does anyone know where all the old non-US is still
availavle?  I have some bits around on CD, but I doubt I have all of it.

If we're going to archive old stuff (and I think we probably should) then
it seems a shame to have an archived copy that is missing bits (ssh comes
to mind as a reasonably important missing piece, but then I was the
maintainer at the time, so maybe that's just personal ;-)

Cheers, Phil.

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