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Re: [jargon] please add "don't feed the troll"

On Sunday 14 August 2005 12:27, Steve Langasek wrote:
| On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 11:43:50AM +0200, Siward de Groot wrote:
| > Package: jargon
| > Version: 4.0.0-4
| > Severity: wishlist
| >
| > With the current discussion about trolling on debian-project
| >   i tried 'dict troll' to find what it was about.
| > 'troll' is well described in jargon,
| >   but it contains a note about "don't feed the troll" that
| >   mentions that it exists, but not what it is.
| > Adam McKenna posted a contribution in which this concept is defined :
| >
| > 	The trolls are only half of the problem with Debian lists.
| > 	The other half of the problem is that
| >
| > 	  many people can't restrain themselves from
| > 	    replying to comments
| > 	      that are arguably trollish
| > 	    with an equivalent amount of vitriol
| > 	  (also known as 'feeding the troll').
| >
| > Could you please add this definition to jargon ?
| >
| > I am CCing debian-project in case someone disagrees with this definition,
| >   in which case they can attach their opinion to this bug in the BTS.
| Yes, I disagree with this definition.  To feed a troll is to give the troll
| the satisfaction of having disrupted a discussion; there is no particular
| requirement that the responses be vitriolic, merely that the discussion is
| disrupted by directing the attention of the group to the troll's comments.
| This is what makes it particularly insulting to call someone a troll who
| isn't, because the implication is that their primary goal is to be
| disruptive.

I have forwarded your message to 323031@bugs.debian.org

Your definition of troll agrees with that of jargon.
However, i suspect that
  frequent useless postings (without malicious intent)
  could be termed troll for lack of a better word.
Thus in the first definition troll would be more interpreted as
  the ongoing action of trolling, as in 'feeding the fire' .

| Oh, and "bugs@debian.org" is not a bug submission address...

I thought it was rather funny, but perhaps it is getting a bit stale.
I'll try to remember to desist from using it.

  have fun !

  Siward de Groot

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