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Re: [jargon] please add "don't feed the troll"

On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 11:43:50AM +0200, Siward de Groot wrote:
> Package: jargon
> Version: 4.0.0-4
> Severity: wishlist

> With the current discussion about trolling on debian-project
>   i tried 'dict troll' to find what it was about.
> 'troll' is well described in jargon,
>   but it contains a note about "don't feed the troll" that
>   mentions that it exists, but not what it is.
> Adam McKenna posted a contribution in which this concept is defined :

> 	The trolls are only half of the problem with Debian lists.
> 	The other half of the problem is that

> 	  many people can't restrain themselves from
> 	    replying to comments
> 	      that are arguably trollish
> 	    with an equivalent amount of vitriol
> 	  (also known as 'feeding the troll'). 

> Could you please add this definition to jargon ?

> I am CCing debian-project in case someone disagrees with this definition,
>   in which case they can attach their opinion to this bug in the BTS.

Yes, I disagree with this definition.  To feed a troll is to give the troll
the satisfaction of having disrupted a discussion; there is no particular
requirement that the responses be vitriolic, merely that the discussion is
disrupted by directing the attention of the group to the troll's comments.

This is what makes it particularly insulting to call someone a troll who
isn't, because the implication is that their primary goal is to be

Oh, and "bugs@debian.org" is not a bug submission address...

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