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Re: Pledge To Killfile Andrew Suffield

Michael K. Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> wrote:
> The notion of a "pledge to killfile" Andrew is thoroughly juvenile.  I
> am probably as guilty (if that is the word) as anyone of negatively
> critiquing his conduct on public Debian lists; but I would be
> horrified to see him censored.  

Nobody has proposed censoring Andrew. People are simply stating that
they will stop listening to him. Would you deny them that freedom?

> Surely, even if every unkind thing I have seen written about him were
> true (and much of it is not), Debian is strong enough to handle this
> aspect of his involvement with equanimity.  

There comes a point where the negative aspects of someone's
contributions grossly outweigh the positive ones. Andrew contributes
very little of any direct benefit to the project, but has a talent for
stimulating pointless argument. In that respect, I'd put him in the same
sort of catagory as Jonathan Walther.

> Nor as far as I know is there any indication that he has
> mishandled any responsibility as a DD or has been seen by anyone
> outside Debian to reflect poorly on the Project in any substantial
> way.

Perhaps you should speak to more users? Andrew certainly has a
reputation outside the developers, and it's not a good one.
Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.project@srcf.ucam.org

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