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Re: ping the mirrors team

At Tue, 9 Aug 2005 10:39:25 +0200,
martin f krafft wrote:


> > I'm one of at least two handling mirrors bugs now. Can you tell me
> > how it's being reformed, please? I've heard nothing yet AFAICR.
> I don't think people associated you with mirrors previously, and
> it's the first time I've seen your name in this context. I think

Looking at the "resolved" part of


gives a good indication of MJ Ray's work. 

I have personally been watching any status of bugs on the mirrors
psudopackage the last months, both via PTS and email lists. I have
seen no life sign of the mirrors@debian.org admins, MJ Ray is about
the only one who have been doing any work. 


Per Marker Mortensen <per@markermortensen.dk>

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