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Re: Bug#321701: bug handling is a maintainers job

May I suggest a less controversial way to handle this would be to have a script that automaticly closes *new* wishlist bugs and sends the submitter a message like this:
The Debian maintainer of Firefox is not repsonsible for incorporating new features into Firefox. It would also be an impossible task to forward all wishlist requests upstream. Accordingly, if you are seriously interested in seeing this feature implemented, please discuss it on a Mozilla mailing list/newsgroup. If other people support your idea then you should open a bug report on Mozilla's bugzilla using the form at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/enter_bug.cgi (you will need to create an account first.)

If your bug was Debian specific then you should re-open it by sending the following message to control@bugs.debian.org:
[Insert generated message for re-opening bugs]

[Name of Script] on behalf of
Eric Dorland
Debian Firefox Maintainer
It explains the reason you cannot forward all bugs, and it helps to filter wishlist requests that are not reasonable from being posted. I assume wishlist because feature requests should always be wishlist. The quoted message does not say anything about real bugs.

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