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Re: "Debian" Core Consortium

* Ian Murdock <imurdock@progeny.com> [2005-07-26 05:33]:
> Re the organization formerly known as the Debian Core Consortium: No
> need. We won't use the word Debian in the name--we'll call
> ourselves the DCC Alliance, where DCC stands for "Debian Common Core".

My buddies and me are going to create the PRHMS Alliance.  If anyone
really asks (but I'm sure nobody will care), PRHMS stands for
"Progeny, Red Hat, Microsoft" - but we don't have any trademark
problems since our name doesn't contain any trademarks.

Gee, I'm sure nobody will ask what "DCC" refers to.  The first two
articles I've seen this about new "D"CCA clearly contain the "DEBIAN"

  "The public relations manager of desktop Linux vendor Linspire Inc.,
   Heather MacKenzie, revealed that the "the DCC's official name is the
   Debian Common Core Alliance."

How does that not contain "the word Debian in the name"?
Martin Michlmayr

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