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Re: 64-bit Version von Debian

also sprach Graetsch, Riklef <Riklef.Graetsch@t-systems.com> [2005.07.27.0842 +0200]:
> Ein Kollege von mir möchte gerne wissen, ob es schon eine 64-bit Version von
> Debian-Linux gibt, die er auf seinem AMD Athlon 64 benutzen kann.

This is an English mailing list.

Debian's support for amd64 is not yet official. However, it works
perfectly well for most cases. Certain applications (like
openoffice.org, Sun JDK, or Flash) still have problems.
Nevertheless, it works (and this email is being written to you from
an amd64 installation).

You can find all information about amd64 support at [0].

0. http://www.us.debian.org/ports/amd64/

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