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Re: Utnubu Team Founded - Merging Ubuntu changes to Debian

On 19.07.05, Markus wrote:


> Apropos, a german news website has made a possible logo for you guys, perhaps
> you like it? http://www.pro-linux.de/NB2/images/indiv/utnubu.png

Now, before somebody starts complaining about "the press" because they
spread a "logo" that is not a logo:

The caption of the picture in the original article [1] clearly states:
"Picture composition, not an official logo", it is just common for
that author to put something to look at in his articles.

The other question is, if such an internal structure as the Utnubu
team needs a logo at all, as it is not a distinct project but rather
active in background.

But now: nice effort, Utnubu team. :)

    René van Bevern,

[1] http://www.pro-linux.de/news/2005/8406.html

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