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Re: Utnubu Team Founded - Merging Ubuntu changes to Debian

Joachim Breitner <nomeata <at> debian.org> writes:

> Hi everyone,
> I invite everyone interested to join the Utnubu Team. Utnubu stands for
> doing what Ubuntu does, just the other way around: We want to take the
> things Ubuntu does and that are missing in Debian, and - where
> appliciable - put them in Debian.
> This should be achieved using (at least) the following methods:
>  * Having a look at the patches that Ubuntu publishes, see if they are
> suitable for Debian and then contact the Debian Maintainer to see if and
> how these can be integrated.
>  * Contacting Ubuntu developers that upload directly to universe, if
> they don't want to upload to Debian, too; this includes sponsoring. Note
> that I do not plan to pull developers from Ubuntu, they should instead
> form their package for both distributions.
>  * If this is not possible or feasable, take Ubuntu-only packages,
> adjust them to Debian and upload them ourselves.
> (Personally, I'd like to concentrate on point 2 and 3, so another reason
> for you to join)
> I have set up the alioth project utnubu, as well as the mailing lists
> utnubu-discuss <at> lists.alioth.debian.org for general in-group discussion,
> as well as utnubu-maintainers <at> lists.alioth.debian.org for the maintainer
> field of our possible packages.
> A list of binary package in universe, but not in Debian, is assembled on
> http://people.debian.org/~nomeata/utnubu/
> Those who are at DebConf and are interested: You are welcome to see me
> and discuss matters in person.
> Thanks for your attention, and looking forward to working with you,
> Joachim Breitner

Hi there!

This is a great idea..
I hope you will have a lot of success!

Hope that gives Ubunutu a more "back-to-the-roots"-feeling, that it don't forget
where it came from, and pay its dues ;o) and also debian get some fresh air in
its packages und perhaps a little bit of the friendliness towards newbies not
only on the technical but also on the human side, etc. :o)

Apropos, a german news website has made a possible logo for you guys, perhaps
you like it? http://www.pro-linux.de/NB2/images/indiv/utnubu.png


PS: I'm not so good at packaging, is there something else to do? :o)

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